Phoenix the cat from Andriivka, burnt after a Russian attack, went viral - and found a new home

22 April, 04:28 PM
Phoenix the cat, from Andriivka, has recovered and found a new home (Photo:@UAnimals/Instagram)

Phoenix the cat, from Andriivka, has recovered and found a new home (Photo:@UAnimals/Instagram)

From ashes of the liberated village of Andriivka in Kyiv Oblast, Phoenix the cat became a worldwide sensation due to both his burn injuries, sustained after an attack on the village, and his defiant spirit. NV tells his story.

The cat’s name was given to him by one of the volunteers, Volodymyr, working to provide humanitarian aid to the village, because he was “reborn from hell.” He had sustained numerous burns as a result of the Russian attacks which had nearly destroyed the village.

After being treated at a veterinary clinic, he now lives in Volodymyr’s office. The UAnimals and Zoopatrul online communities shared the cat’s photos, helping them go viral.

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According to the volunteers, Phoenix is feeling good, having avoided serious injury - he still has full use of his senses, despite the burn scars. He behaves like an ordinary cat - he is playful, purrs, and trusts people.

“His rescuer jokingly says that Phoenix is a Ukrainian biological weapon: “He doesn’t burn in fire, can jump up to 20 meters high, and 50 meters long, and can gnaw any iron, including enemy armored vehicles. Now it is clear why the invaders left Kyiv Oblast in a panic!” UAnimals joked, citing an anecdote shared by Phoenix’s new owner.

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