Russians decorate Tver municipal Christmas tree with ‘enemies of Russia’

11 December 2022, 07:59 PM

"Enemies of Russia" were hanged on the New Year tree in the center of Tver (Photo:Tver Telegram channel)

Municipal authorities have decorated a Christmas tree in the Russian city of Tver with naked figures of “enemies” and “traitors” of Russia, and have encouraged Russians to damage the figures, according to photos posted by local Telegram channels on Dec. 10.

These “enemies” and “traitors” include U.S. President Joe Biden, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Russian singer Alla Pugacheva, among others.

Each figure has dotted lines around the edges and the inscription “tear something off me.” “Zelenskyy” has already lost his leg.

Video of day

The tree is reportedly located in Tver’s central square, near the administration building.

It was previously reported that the Kremlin has provided regional governments and state-owned enterprises with “recommendations” regarding New Year’s celebration events. Russians are advised to “show modesty in spending” and remember the “heroism” of the invaders of Ukraine.

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