School leavers dance a waltz near their destroyed school in Kharkiv

6 June, 07:11 PM
Випускники станцювали вальс на руїнах школи у Харкові (Photo:Суспільне Харків)

Випускники станцювали вальс на руїнах школи у Харкові (Photo:Суспільне Харків)

The “Last Bell” tradition for student graduating from high school in Ukraine issupposed to be a happy occasion, but this year in Kharkiv, some school graduates celebrated by dancing a waltz with only the ruins of their school as a backdrop.

At the beginning of the full-scale war that Russia launched against Ukraine, the invaders broke into the school on Feb. 27, and there was fighting in the building. Ukrainian defenders killed a platoon of about 30 invaders in the school.

On Sunday, June 5, ten students of the school performed the last school dance to a song by Ukrainian singer Jerry Heil, “Mriya”. One of the graduates said that one third of the students came to the prom – the rest had left Kharkiv.

Видео дня

The video, which was published on the YouTube channel Suspilne Kharkiv, shows that the school building was almost completely destroyed. Half of the walls, all the windows and classrooms are missing. Hundreds of children attended this school just three months ago.

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