Singer Yevhen Halych decries increase in cases of violence against women

5 April, 04:15 PM
Yevhen Halych urged Ukrainian men not to be afraid to protect women (Photo:jenia_galich/Instagram)

Yevhen Halych urged Ukrainian men not to be afraid to protect women (Photo:jenia_galich/Instagram)

Ukrainian rock band O.Torvald frontman Yevhen Halych has appealed to Ukrainian men to stop and not tolerate sexual violence against women.

Halych, who recently joined the Ukrainian army, says in a video address posted on Instagram on April 4 that many Ukrainian men hush up cases of sexual violence against women, which have become more frequent since the start of the war.

He called on all Ukrainian men to protect Ukrainian women.

"I decided to record an appeal on a topic that has been bothering me a lot these days. There have been a lot of cases of violence and rape against girls recently. Many are silent about it, especially men. If they speak out, they say it's (the women’s) fault. No, it's not," Halych said, adding that he teaches his children to respect everyone.

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"If a girl says ‘no,’ it really means ‘no.’ A guy has to understand that a girl wearing a short skirt or showing a cleavage, doesn't hint at anything. I have a daughter and a son, and I always teach them to respect everyone's choices.

“If my (daughter) Eva wants to look beautiful, she can do it and she doesn't need to be afraid of it, and when Danya grows up, he must understand that the word ‘no’ is always ‘no.’

“I appeal to every guy who sees disrespect for a girl – please react to it. If you see a girl being harassed on the street, please react to it, don't be afraid."

He also published a follow-up post, condemning men who had left comments below his previous post that made excuses for rapists.

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