Social media craze about Ukrainian sapper dog Patron

19 April, 06:00 PM
Dog Patron protects you (

Dog Patron protects you (

A two-year-old Jack Russel Terrier called Patron, Ukrainian for bullet, who serves as a sapper with the Chernihiv branch of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, has became a veritable Internet celebrity.

“Our Patron keeps his paws busy and is thankful to every one of you,” said the service in a Facebook post on April 15.

“Great heroes come in all sizes. Keep true to yourselves, trust in our de-fenders, in our victory; keep laboring to bring it ever closer, wherever you are, whatever you do, relentlessly.”

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Patron has been showered in attention online, and has spawned several meme templates.

None need to be concerned with his safety: Patron is far too light to set off any of the landmines he routinely sniffs out and digs up, saving the lives of his human countrymen.

This is our furry sapper taking a shower after a tough shift:

Which Patron are you vibin’ today with: smiling or enigmatic? Worth noting that Patron is far from the only dog helping our emergency workers and sappers. Here is a compilation of some more of our canine heroes.

Patron first came into the limelight on March 15, when the State Emergency Service described him as the mascot of its Chernihiv sapper squad.

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