Song praising UK PM takes Ukraine by storm

4 July, 02:04 PM
Ukrainians dedicated a song to Boris Johnson (Photo:Frame from the video)

Ukrainians dedicated a song to Boris Johnson (Photo:Frame from the video)

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson might be suffering from political woes at home, but they’re singing his praises in Ukraine – literally.

A new release by Ukrainian music band MyusliUA heaps praise and adoration on Johnson for his well-publicized support of Ukraine in its struggle against the Russian invasion.

“This (music) track pays our tribute to the world’s sunniest politician and the closest friend of Ukrainian people – Boris Johnson,” a video description of the song released on YouTube reads.

Видео дня

Indeed, the Ukrainian public are so fond of Johnson that they commonly Ukrainianize his family name to Johnsonyuk.

The lyrics of the song don’t hold back on praise for the UK leader.

“Boris, sir – you’re a legend, mincing ruskies like a bulldog!” they go.

“We’re grateful to you for your support in fighting our greatest enemy. Ukraine loves and respects you very much!”

The song, called “Good Day Everybody” also features a comedian from western Ukraine, Vasyl Charisma.

Listeners in Ukraine seem to be rather fond of the new release, judging by their comments so far on social media.

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