Stepan the Cat from Kharkiv raises $10,000 dollars to help animals in Ukraine

29 March, 03:08 PM
Ukraine’s most Internet-famous cat, Stepan (Photo:Loveyoustepan / Instagram)

Ukraine’s most Internet-famous cat, Stepan (Photo:Loveyoustepan / Instagram)

Kharkiv cat Stepan has raised $10,000 to help animals in Ukraine, according to a message published on the cat's Instagram page on March 28.

 “My dear friends, I’m heartedly grateful for your responsiveness and support!” Stepan’s owner wrote on behalf of the famous cat.

“We raised $10,000. Your contribution is priceless – thanks to your support, we can provide decent care and treatment for every animal in Ukraine. Thank you very much.”

Видео дня

The message says that the funds will be transferred to the Happy Paw Charitable Foundation, the XII Months Zoo in the Kyiv Oblast, the UAnimals Public Organization, and the Mykolaiv Zoo.

The fundraising effort was supported by the World Influencers and Bloggers Association, as well as the Zagoriy Charitable Family Foundation.

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