Film producer sentenced in absentia by Moscow court

17 May, 02:13 PM
The producer created the 1+1 TV channel (Photo:Instagram alexander.rodnyansky)

The producer created the 1+1 TV channel (Photo:Instagram alexander.rodnyansky)

A Moscow court has sentenced Oleksandr Rodnyansky, a Ukrainian-born Russian film producer, in absentia, accusing him of “spreading false information about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces,” according to court documents published on May 17.

On April 27, a court hearing took place to consider preventive measures against Rodnyansky. The appeal against his arrest was filed the next day. Rodnyansky learned about the court’s decision while in Cannes and shared the information on his Instagram page, mentioning his intention to attend the festival’s opening.

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Rodnyansky, born in Kyiv, is a film producer. He graduated from the Kyiv University of Theatre, Film, and Television and founded the 1+1 TV channel in 1995.

In 2002, Rodnyansky left his position as director of the channel and moved to Russia, accepting an invitation from shareholders of the Russian channel STS to lead the holding.

The producer continued working in Russia until the onset of the full-scale invasion. After Feb. 24, Rodnyansky left the country and began speaking out about the war, resulting in his designation as a foreign agent.

Rodnyansky is known for producing Russian TV series and films in Ukraine, including“9th Company,” “Cadets,” “White Guard,” and “My Fair Nanny.” The latter specifically portrayed a woman from Mariupol in a mocking manner, while heavily emphasizing alleged incompetence among Ukrainians.

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