Ukrainian children playing in craters left by Russian missiles

20 October 2022, 08:07 PM

Author: Eric Malinowski

The massive volley of Russian missile and drone strikes on Oct. 10 has not only damaged Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, but also scarred one of Kyiv’s most popular parks.

Now, Ukrainian kids can be seen playing in large craters, left by Russian air strikes, which destroyed children’s playgrounds. Many Ukrainian cities now have schoolchildren attending makeshift classes in bomb shelters, as air raid alerts often last for several hours at a time.

Little Askold enjoyed spending time in Kyiv's Shevchenko Park. On Oct. 10, a Russian cruise missile turned his favorite set of swings into a gaping crater.

Video of day

Moscow is clearly attempting to knock out Ukraine’s energy sector ahead of the coming winter season. In order to overwhelm Ukrainian air defenses, many additional missiles and kamikaze drones are launched at seemingly random civilian sites, apparently devoid of any military significance.

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