Ukrainian female sniper Emerald tells about being pregnant on front line

28 October 2022, 08:17 PM
Evgenia Emerald talked about her pregnancy (Photo:emerald.evgeniya/Instagram)

Evgenia Emerald talked about her pregnancy (Photo:emerald.evgeniya/Instagram)

Ukrainian defender, officer, and sniper Yevhenia Emerald, dubbed the Ukrainian Joan of Arc, talked on Oct. 27 about how she found out about being pregnant at the front.

Emerald, who got married with soldier Yevhen Stypaniuk on Oct. 14, revealed the details of her pregnancy on Instagram.

She admitted that she had not dared to talk about the fact that she was expecting a child for a long time, as she had sworn in to fight until the victory.

“I have a ‘Bandera baby’ under my heart,” she said.

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“When the full-scale invasion began, I gave my word to the Ukrainian people that I would be in this war until we drive the enemy out. And I didn’t keep my word... Forgive me, friends. I didn’t dare to say it for so long...”

Emerald added that she had been forced to leave the war zone due to her pregnancy.

“It so happened that a new soul was born from the love of two soldiers in this war,” the officer said.

“A future male or female defender of Ukraine. And this was the only reason why I left the front line in mid-September and moved to the rear. Many people say that this child saved my life... PS: I didn’t tell either my husband or commanders for the first two months, and I was at war, defending the land, until I was tormented by morning sickness.”

Фото: emerald.evgeniya/Instagram
Фото: emerald.evgeniya/Instagram

This will be her second child. She has a daughter from a previous relationship, which ended with the beginning of the war.

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