Footballer Zozulya reprimands Russians over attack on peaceful Kryvyi Rih

13 June, 06:55 PM
Roman Zozulya (Photo:Instagram: zozulyaroman)

Roman Zozulya (Photo:Instagram: zozulyaroman)

Ukrainian footballer and volunteer Roman Zozulya expressed his feelings about the Russian strike on an apartment building in Kryvyi Rih on Telegram on June 13.

"I have no words,” Zozulya wrote.

“My emotions are running high. Only yesterday, this rotting nit Pu, speaking to his henchmen, said that we were hitting residential buildings in Belgorod, sipping champagne from a glass. There is no military logic in shelling residential buildings. And this was said by the person who runs thsee as***es, which can only target residential buildings and direct missiles... And we can see today is another proof of their vile nature.”

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The former Ukrainian national team player also reacted to the blowing up of Kakhovka Dam with another post on Telegram.

"Kherson Oblast is being flooded right now,” he said on June 6.

“Civilians are suffering. We still can't imagine the aftermath of the disaster. I think more than one settlement will be evacuated. Unfortunately, we have another proof that we are dealing with f**kers. The wimps fear a (Ukrainian) counteroffensive and do everything they can to pull this point. To destroy the plans of the Armed Forces. However, you and I realize that it can't be stopped. The offensive is coming.”

Zozulya's reaction to an earlier missile strike on Uman was also clear:

"The as***s launched a missile attack on Ukraine overnight. It was 4 am, once again. More missiles. Out of 23 missiles, 21 were destroyed by air defense forces. Unfortunately, this was not enough. Uman...A hit to a residential, multi-story building. There are dead and wounded. An ordinary house where parents and children slept peacefully. Grandparents were sleeping. A direct hit. Destruction. Destroyed lives and apartments. Pain and sadness,” he said on April 28.

"Russian nits continue to go unpunished. We must not allow the freaks to be on the international stage. In sports, movies, music and politics. Expel them, destroy them. They will be punished. Each of them will feel grief.”

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