Ukrainian pensioners present “biological weapon” to fight against Russia

2 June, 11:57 AM
Biological weapons were presented (Photo:Biden's unit/YouTube)

Biological weapons were presented (Photo:Biden's unit/YouTube)

Ukrainian retirees, who call themselves the “Biden Division”, after U.S. President Joe Biden, presented a new “biological weapon” that is supposed to help Ukraine’s Armed Forces in their fight against Russia, in asatirical video published on YouTube on June 1.

The Russian Defense Ministry had previously released disinformation about so called “biological weapons labs” that exist in Ukraine.

To expose the absurdity of those Russian claims, the Biden Division decided to find their own “biological weapon.”

That turned out to be a goose. According to a Biden Division spokesperson, their goose is the “best of the best” and a “real warrior”.

Видео дня

Ukraine’s “biological weapon” now has its first target – the “Putin platoon”, which is a group of Russian pensioners who regularly publish videos supportive of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s aggressive policies. They also publish videos demonstrating how they destroy Apple devices. Some of their public statements include intimidating the Western countries for their support to Ukraine.

The Biden Division published its first video on May 24. In it, the elderly Ukrainian members of the group declared their own goals for their channel: “fighting against Putin and his dogs”. They also congratulated Finland and Sweden for their bid to join the NATO.

Earlier, the Russian representative’s office at UNESCO, a cultural heritage protection organization under the U.N. umbrella, published a video on its Twitter account where it said that any “Russophobia”, or irrational hatred of Russia, or "cancel culture”, critique of Russia, is unacceptable.

Social media users have been making of this Russian Twitter post for its extremely poor quality.

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