Unique online museum tells hundreds of stories of Ukrainians affected by Russia’s war

13 March, 03:50 PM
Artifact No. 266

Artifact No. 266 "Yellow-blue cups found in burnt ware in Kherson" (Photo:Музей фрагментів війни)

A fragment of a chair from the Chernihiv football stadium, a children's toy found after a missile hit, and a piece of the destroyed Mriya aircraft are frozen in transparent cubes as if suspended in midair. Pictures of them are displayed on the online museum’s website, and the pieces themselves are available for sale, with the proceeds going to charity.

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“In one place, objects with the stories of 300 people and places in Ukraine that survived the horrors of war are collected in a unique way. We place each of these objects into resin. We sell the finished artwork at an auction to raise funds to help the affected children.”


A fragment of a chair

Museum of War Fragments, Artifact No. 125
Photo: Museum of War Fragments, Artifact No. 125 "Fragment of a Chair from the Chernihiv Football Stadium"

On March 5, Chernihiv's Yuri Gagarin Stadium came under fire for the first time. Six days later, the stadium collapsed and was destroyed by Russian airstrikes, leaving no hope for football training for the club and children. Fragments of plastic seats scattered around became an artifact donated to the museum.

Wreckage of the Mriya airplane

Museum of War Fragments, Artifact No. 74
Photo: Museum of War Fragments, Artifact No. 74 "Wreckage of the Mriya airplane"

One of the artifacts of the War Fragments Museum is a small fragment of the An-225. The world's most powerful Ukrainian-made transport aircraft with the symbolic name Mriya (‘Dream’) was destroyed on Feb. 27, 2022. The destruction of the plane has already become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance and the ability to mobilize the last of its strength to bring the end of the war.


Museum of fragments of war, artifact No. 62
Photo: Museum of fragments of war, artifact No. 62 "Lego"

On the morning of the 229th day of the full-scale war, Oct. 10, 2022, a playground in the heart of Kyiv became yet another target. In memory of all the children who suffered during the hundreds of days of war, the team created this artifact — a toy from that very playground in Taras Shevchenko Park.

The purpose

The team's goal is to raise between $1 million and $10 million to support the children of fallen soldiers and residents of regions affected by the war.

Each artifact, in addition to unique stories, also carries deep meanings. It is important for the organizers to preserve the voices of people affected by the war, to create an opportunity to touch the objects physically and emotionally, to share experiences and preserve evidence of tragic events.

All the cubes are united by a common idea: to reveal the phenomenon of Ukrainian resilience. The team explains it this way: "The main point of our project is to show the world who Ukrainians are."

The museum currently exists in the format of an online platform where all 300 artifacts will be presented. It will provide an immersive and interactive experience of navigating virtual galleries, viewing high-resolution images of artifacts, and accessing detailed stories behind each of the 300 works of art.

Anyone who purchases a cube will not only donate and receive an art object, but also access the emotions and experiences associated with the fragments.

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