Well-known Ukrainian traveler says how Ukrainians can help during war

30 March, 08:04 PM
Dmytro Komarov (Photo:instagram.com/komarovmir)

Dmytro Komarov (Photo:instagram.com/komarovmir)

Every Ukrainian can help behind the lines during the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian television presenter and traveler Dmytro Komarov said on the morning television show Snidanok z 1+1 on March 29.

"Everyone wonders how I can help if I'm not on the front line," he said.

"You can do many small and big good deeds. You can bake bread, you can bring tea to checkpoints, you can collect blankets, you can just go to the pharmacy and bring medicine to your grandmother. If you have a car, you are an absolutely irreplaceable person – people take something away, bring something. Now we are all volunteers."

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Komarov added that people who were forced to flee their homes could also help Ukraine during the war, even while in safety.

"If you are in a safe area in western Ukraine, you NEED to be helpful there too," Komarov said.

"Bukovel, for example, is not a resort now, but a place from where it is important to help. And help is also needed abroad, i.e. looking for transport, there are a million issues."

Komarov also said that at the moment no one should quarrel over the topics of politics or language.

"Energy and fighting spirit are important. … We must … no matter how trite it may sound, maintain an unbelievable unity," he said.

"Ukraine is now an example for the whole world of unity, of absolutely different people who have no disagreements anymore. I'm for respect and love reigning among Ukrainians now. We cannot quarrel about political, religious, language topics."

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