Ukrainian military arrives in US for training on Patriot systems

16 January, 01:37 PM
Ukrainian military will train on Patriot in Fort Sill (Photo:Video screenshot WestfallAustin/Twitter)

Ukrainian military will train on Patriot in Fort Sill (Photo:Video screenshot WestfallAustin/Twitter)

About 100 Ukrainian soldiers have arrived in the United States for training on the Patriot missile defense systems, Fox News journalist Austin Westfall reported on Twitter on Jan. 16.

“Roughly 100 Ukrainian troops arrived on U.S. soil this evening – they’ll soon begin training on the Patriot missile system at Fort Sill, Oklahoma,” he tweeted.

According to Valeriy Romanenko, aviation expert and leading researcher at the State Aviation Museum, it can take about three months to train the Ukrainian military.

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“We won’t study the full operation of this unit, but we will study its combat operation,” he said in an interview with Radio NV.

“It’s unlikely that we will delve into the repair of this unit’s elements, especially since it is modular... U.S. specialists will be able to provide us with some help in real time. That is, due to this and due to the fact that we’re sending the most qualified specialists, officers with higher technical education – I think three months will be enough for us. Shorter terms were even announced so that we could prepare for combat operation of this system.”

On Dec. 21, 2022, the White House announced a $1.85 billion military aid package for Ukraine, which for the first time included a Patriot missile defense battery. According to Pentagon officials, it would take several months for Ukrainian forces to properly train in operating the equipment.

On Jan. 5, 2023, Germany announced it will transfer an additional Patriot battery to Ukraine.

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