12-year-old schoolboy receives draft notice in Russia

11 December 2022, 02:52 PM
Mobilization in Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov)

Mobilization in Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov)

A 12-year-old Russian boy from Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Krai received a summons from the Military Commissariat, the local Telegram channel ChP Kansk reported on Dec. 9.

This indicates that not only is mobilization continuing in Russia, despite Kremlin protestations, but that the problems with recruitment are apparently so extensive that draft notices are even being issued to children.

For example, the boy’s mother complained that military registration in Russia takes place at the age of 16, but her son is only 12.

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“If my memory serves me well, they are registered from the age of 16-17... Question... Why is a child asked to appear at the military commissariat and enroll in military training? Has something changed?” the woman asked.

Commenters to her post noted that subpoenas for children are not uncommon nowadays. The mother of the “conscript” was advised to seek help at the prosecutor’s office.

Earlier, Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov said that a large-scale wave of mobilization in Russia will begin at the beginning of January next year.

Ukraine’s General Staff earlier reported that Russia is preparing for the next wave of mobilization, which is planned to be held in January-February 2023. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the first wave did not yield the Russian’s hoped-for results.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian Federation has lost about 92,740 of its troops.

Presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said on Dec. 1 that the total losses of the enemy amount to about 200,000.

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