195 bodies of murdered civilians still not identified, up to 300 still missing in Kyiv Oblast

11 April, 06:28 PM
Bodies of civilians killed by the occupiers found in Borodyanka a month ago (Photo:Андрій Небитов/Telegram)

Bodies of civilians killed by the occupiers found in Borodyanka a month ago (Photo:Андрій Небитов/Telegram)

The bodies of 195 civilians murdered by Russian soldiers during the occupation of parts of Kyiv Oblast have yet to be identified, Andriy Nebytov, the head of Kyiv's regional police force, said during a briefing on April 11.

A total of 1,374 civilians were murdered by Russian troops in Kyiv Oblast, police believe. Most of them, 717 people, were killed with small arms.

Another 340 died due to mine-blast and shrapnel injuries, Nebytov said.

The causes of death of 317 more people remain unclear, he added.

Another 279 people are still missing.

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Some 15 mass graves with 180 bodies were found in Kyiv Oblast, Nebytov said. The largest mass grave was found near church of St. Andrew Pervozvannoho All Saints after liberation of Bucha, a town to the north-west of Kyiv. A total of 116 bodies were exhumed there.

Russian troops had three torture rooms in the town where they imprisoned and killed locals.

Thirty children aged from six months to 17 years were murdered by Russian troops in Kyiv Oblast. Another 43 children were injured, the Kyiv regional police head added.

The world witnessed evidence of Russian atrocities following the liberation of Kyiv Oblast at the very end of March 2022. Hundreds of people were murdered by Russian troops. The bodies of tortured and murdered civilians were found lying along the street in Bucha, Irpin and along the Zhytomyr highway.

The Ukrainian parliament on April 14, 2022 declared the Russian army’s actions to be genocide of the Ukrainian people.

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