70 more dead bodies found in Mariupol at Oktyabr factory

27 May 2022, 03:34 PM

70 bodies have been found by the Russian occupation authorities in Mariupol, after the Russians investigated the ruins of the Oktyabr factory, reported Mariupol mayoral advisor Petro Andriushchenko via Telegram messenger on May 27.

“Mariupol. Another brotherly grave,” the advisor wrote.

“During the investigation of ruins of the Oktyabr factory on Arkhip Kuindzhi street, the Russian Ministry of Emergency found around 70 dead bodies. The reason is the same – people were buried by the walls of a factory which was shelled.”

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According to him, the Russian occupiers packed the dead bodies into plastic bags and transported them to Stary Krym, a town with a big cemetery in the northeast of the occupied Crimean peninsula, close to Koktebel, a famous tourist destination.

The Russians organized a cemetery in Stary Krym for those who were killed during the war.

“Identification of those dead wasn’t conducted, but locals say – it was hard to do any identification, given the physical state of the corpses,” added Andryushchenko.

Oktyabr was mostly a defunct factory that used to produce farming implements during the Soviet period. Its buildings were constructed in 1964.

In Mariupol, many locals hid from shelling in the bomb shelters of big industrial facilities of the Soviet era – like Oktyabr, Azovstal, and the Ilyich Plant.

Prior to the war, the city of Mariupol had big plans to renovate its infrastructure. Metinvest, a Ukrainian steel producer, was planning to construct a university campus in the city for engineering. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Infrastructure Ministry had a plan to build an airport close to Mariupol.

However, Russia’s war stopped the development of Mariupol and brought enormous losses to the local community. The mayoral office has previously said that 90% of buildings in Mariupol have sustained some sort of damage due to shelling, and the city has been cut off from water, power, and gas supplies for months.

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