Ace pilot Denys Kyryliuk veteran of 80 sorties against the enemy, is killed

30 March, 03:09 PM
Denys Kyryliuk flew more than 80 sorties (Photo:Валентин Панчук)

Denys Kyryliuk flew more than 80 sorties (Photo:Валентин Панчук)

One of the most experienced Ukrainian fighter jet pilots, Major Denys Kyryliuk, was killed on March 28 while performing a combat task, the 831s Tactical Aviation Brigade hasreported on Facebook.

The brigade gave no further details. According to information available to NV, Kyryliuk performed over 80 combat flights, including 70 during the time of the Russian full-scale invasion.

He was also the deputy commander of the brigade.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded Kyryliuk the order "For Courage" III degree for "his personal courage and selfless actions displayed during the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and adherence to the oath of allegiance."

Video of day

Lower is shown a photo of him with the order "For Courage." The Wild Weasel symbol is seen on his arm badge – the U.S. Air Forces code name for aircraft tasked with the suppression of enemy air defenses.

Валентин Панчук
Photo: Валентин Панчук

Kyryliuk was also noted for protecting Ukrainian skies before the Russian full-scale invasion: for his heroic deeds and exemplary performance on military duty, he was awarded the Presidential Decoration for Participation in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (Ukraine's name for the Russian war against Ukraine in 2014-22) and a firearm from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

In 2007, Kyryliuk graduated from Chernihiv Lyceum with enhanced military and physical training, the institution said.

In 2011, he graduated from the Kharkiv National University of the Air Force named after Ivan Kozhedub.

He lived with his family near Myrhorod in Poltava Oblast. He was married and had a daughter. His son was born 19 days before his death.

"It was impossible to wipe the smile off his face," Valentyn Panchuk, who knew the pilot well, said of the pilot's joy over the newborn. "Today Denys's wife, his little daughter and newborn son are left alone.

Denys Kyryliuk against the background of the Grand Canyon in the USA (Фото: Валентин Панчук)
Denys Kyryliuk against the background of the Grand Canyon in the USA / Photo: Валентин Панчук

Kyryliuk had been fond of airplanes since he was a child, Panchuk said.

"He (also) loved fishing and constantly showed off his catches to his family and friends," he said.

Panchuk said that the pilot defended the Ukrainian sky relentlessly and offered to help his family by leaving their card details:

  • wife's card for help: 4966804010091204 - Alyona
  • card of a fellow soldier to help the family: 5375411205203164 - Oleksiy

His colleagues from the 831st Brigade, Chernihiv Lyceum, where Kyrylyuk studied; and Vitaliy Diakivnych, head of the Myrhorod District Military Administration have expressed their condolences to the family and friends of the fallen pilot.

"Ukraine has lost another patriot and its defender. It is bitter that the best of the best are giving their lives for us in order that we can have a peaceful sky above our heads," Diakivnych said.

"Ukraine has lost another experienced pilot while it waits for F16s, and residents have spent another night sheltering from Russian drone attacks. Major Denys Kyryliuk leaves behind his wife, small daughter and baby. He died protecting Ukraine. Send the jets already,” Maxim Tucker, assistant foreign editor of UK newspaper the Times, wrote on Twitter.

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