After a spate of drone attacks, another air defense system spotted in Moscow

2 March, 11:46 AM
The P-18−2 Prima reconnaissance and targeting radar station was installed in Moscow (Photo:RostecRussia/Twitter)

The P-18−2 Prima reconnaissance and targeting radar station was installed in Moscow (Photo:RostecRussia/Twitter)

Another air defense system has been spotted in a public place in Moscow, Russian media reported on March 2, just a day after a spate of apparent Ukrainian drone attacks occurred across Russia.

The new system was seen near the Salaryevo metro station in the Russian capital, the Telegram channel Sinema reported.

A video posted by Russian media shows a P-18-2 Prima high mobility 2D surveillance and target acquisition radar, which is often found near short- and medium-range air defense systems.

Video of day

Russian media began publishing photos and videos of air defense systems on rooftops and vacant lots in Moscow from Jan. 19.

An air defense system was also spotted in Moscow, near Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, to the west of the city of Moscow.

The Pantsir-S1 air defense systems that were spotted earlier in the year on buildings in central Moscow were installed to protect Putin and his family, according to reports in Russian media.

The new system was spotted just a day after a series of incidents involving drones were reported across Russia.

In the south of the country, in Krasnodarksy Krai region on the Black Sea coast, there were two explosions at an oil terminal in the city of Tuapse overnight on March 1. Later, it was reported that wreckage from another drone had been discovered in the nearby Russian Republic of Adygea.

The same day, airports in St. Petersburg and the airspace around them were closed for more than an hour after an unidentified flying object was detected. Russian authorities later said it was a training exercise.

In Belgorod Oblast, which borders Ukraine, the regional governor reported that three drones had crashed.

Later, it was reported that a drone, identified as a Ukrainian UJ-22 Airborne UAV, had crashed near Moscow, in the village of Gubastovo, close to a facility operated by the giant Russian state gas company Gasprom.

Air defense systems began to appear in Moscow and other areas shortly after air bases in Russia came under attack by unidentified drones in December of last year.

One air base, the Engles-2 airfield near the Russian city of Saratov, about 600 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian-controlled territory, was attacked twice – on Dec. 5 and Dec. 26.

The airfield was the base for Russian Tu-95 and Tu-22 strategic bombers that had launched cruise missile attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. In the first attack, at least one Tu-95 was damaged, later satellite imagery showed.

In the second, three Russian servicemen were reported to have been killed by falling wreckage from a shot-down drone. The bombers were moved to other military airfields in the north and far east of Russia following the attacks.

While Kyiv denies carrying out these and other drone attacks deep into Russian territory, it is widely suspected that these were Ukrainian military operations.

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