Air Force explains why Russia used dummy nuclear warhead in Kh-55 missiles

27 January, 05:41 PM
Russian missile shot down (Photo:Поліція Київської області)

Russian missile shot down (Photo:Поліція Київської області)

The dummy nuclear warheads used in some Russian missile during mass missile attacks on Ukraine are meant to serve as decoys for Ukrainian air defenses, Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat said during an interview on national TV on Jan. 27.

The dummy warhead matches the weight of an actual nuclear device, but lacks any fissile elements, Ihnat noted, and explained that Ukrainian air defenses are forced to prioritize those targets, depleting air defense resources.

According to the air force, the missiles used for intercepting this decoy missile allow the Russians to preserve their more precise weapons, such as Kalibrs.

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Earlier, Ukrainian defense news outlet Defense Express reported that during the mass missile strike on Jan. 26, a Kh-55 missile with a dummy nuclear warhead was shot down. Its fragments were found near the suburb of Boryspil.

The first use of a dummy nuclear warhead-equipped Kh-55 missiles was reported on Nov. 17, 2022.

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