Air Force’s Ihnat says Russians might escalate attacks to mark war anniversary

19 February, 03:54 PM
Yuriy Ihnat (Photo:Video screenshot/YouTube)

Yuriy Ihnat (Photo:Video screenshot/YouTube)

Russian invading forces may launch a new assault or intensify their attacks at the frontline, but the Ukrainian army is ready for any possible scenario, Ukrainian Air Force Command spokesperson, Yuriy Ihnat said on 24 channel TV.

Ihnat said that the enemy is escalating the situation for the anniversary of the full-scale war and may want to mark the date with fresh attacks.

However, according to Ihnat, fierce fighting is already ongoing daily with non-stop shelling.

"We don't have to speak about a dramatic situation,” Ihnat said.

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“Yes, it could become worse, missile attacks may be launched. No one has any doubts that some sort of those things will happen. But we are ready for it... We have the means to repel those attacks.”

Ukrainian Air Force Command spokesperson added that the Ukrainian air defense is “not as strong as they say,” but that more IRIS-T and SAMP-T systems are expected, and Ukrainian troops are performing better in training than had been expected.

Ihnat said earlier that Russia has been reducing the intervals between mass attacks by using whatever weapons it has at hand.

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