Ukraine Army says ‘it makes no difference which Russian general is in charge at front’

6 June, 07:47 PM
Ukrainian military (Photo:REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

Ukrainian military (Photo:REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

It does not matter for the Ukrainian military which Russian general is in charge at the front, spokesperson for Ukraine's Defense Ministry, Oleksandr Motuzianyk, said at a press briefing on June 6.

He was answering a question about whether the death of Russian Major General Roman Kutuzov in fighting in Ukraine would mean any changes in enemy tactics.

"It will not change anything, the Russian army acts in a barbaric way, regardless of who is in charge of it," Motuzianyk said.

"We know about the new commanders, who fights in what way. The Russian army fights (in a manner) that is quite clear for us: they have almost no chance in direct clashes with Ukrainian servicemen."

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According to the official, the Russians have trained special forces, but the Russian infantry has mostly no chance in battles with Ukraine’s motivated, experienced, professional servicemen.

"That's why the Russian side destroys everything with artillery, and then the infantry 'heroically' enters there," Motuzianyk said.

"Therefore, it makes no difference to the Ukrainian army who leads in whateverarea."

The Armed Forces of Ukraine on June 5 eliminated another high-ranking Russian military commander, Major General Roman Kutuzov, in Luhansk Oblast.

This is the fourth military leader whose death in the war in Ukraine has been officially confirmed by Russia.

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