All Russian missile carriers withdrawn from Black Sea due to severe storm, says Ukrainian military

7 February, 11:44 AM
Due to the storm, the invaders withdrew all their ships from the Black Sea (Photo:Думська)

Due to the storm, the invaders withdrew all their ships from the Black Sea (Photo:Думська)

All of the Russian navy’s warships in the Black Sea capable of launching missiles were sheltering in port as of the morning of Feb. 7 due to a severe storm, Natalia Humeniuk, spokesperson of the Southern Defense Forces, said on Ukrainian national television. 

"A very ferocious storm continues to rage in the sea," Humeniuk said.

“By Black Sea (standards), it is as heavy as can be. This has never been recorded before — we’re talking 5-7 points. That is why almost all of (the warships in) the enemy's naval grouping are sheltering in their bases. There are two ships on duty, but they are not missile carriers — they’re collecting information about the surface situation.”

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There is also a storm in the Sea of Azov, but it is not so strong, at 2-3 points. However, Russia has withdrawn all its vessels from the Sea of Azov as well, and they are monitoring the surface situation remotely.

The day before, Humeniuk reported that due to adverse weather conditions, Russia was unlikely to be able to use kamikaze drones to strike at the territory of Ukraine.

Stormy weather also disrupted the enemy's plans to conduct aerial reconnaissance.

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