All US aid to Ukraine would stop under Trump, political observer says

13 March, 12:24 PM
In 2019, Trump rejected

In 2019, Trump rejected "sanctions from hell" against Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein/File Photo)

It will be "a million times" harder for Ukraine to repel Russian aggression if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States in 2025, political commentator Ivan Yakovina said on Radio NV on March 11.

In one of his interviews, Trump made it clear how he was going to negotiate with dictator Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine — he wants to cede some Ukrainian territories to Russia, the journalist said.

"If Donald Trump comes to power, I'm afraid all U.S. aid to Ukraine will stop," Yakovina said.

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“European aid is certainly great and good, but it cannot be compared to U.S. aid in terms of quality. Therefore, it will be a million times more difficult for Ukraine to fight back against Russian aggression in this war if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States.”

In addition, the political observer suggests that sanctions against Russia will be lifted under Trump's presidency.

"He refused to impose sanctions in December 2019," Yakovina said.

“Trump then refused to impose the so-called sanctions from hell on Russia, citing... nothing, he just refused, and that was it. The bill was already in the Senate, senators were ready to vote for it, and Trump contacted his supporters among the Republicans who had the majority at the time, and said: ‘Do not pass this bill under any circumstances.’”

According to Yakovina, it was the Trump administration that gave Putin the opportunity to "properly prepare" for the full-scale invasion in 2022.

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump claimed that he could "stop Russia's war" against Ukraine by allowing the aggressor state to seize parts of Ukrainian territory that he believes are "Russian-speaking."

The extract with these statements by Trump was aired on Fox News after editing, cutting out the phrase about his ability to negotiate with Putin.

Earlier, Trump claimed that Ukraine needed to "give up" Crimea and join NATO to prevent Russia from launching a full-scale invasion.

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