Almost 40,000 people have left two towns near Izyum

17 April, 03:28 PM
Residents of the Kharkiv region were urged to leave (Photo:REUTERS/Igor Tkachenko)

Residents of the Kharkiv region were urged to leave (Photo:REUTERS/Igor Tkachenko)

Nearly 40,000 people have left the towns of Lozova and Barvinkiv in Kharkiv Oblast due to the rising risks of fighting breaking out in the area, Kharkiv Oblast Governor Oleh Synehubov said in a post via Telegram messenger app on April 16.

 “Lozova and Barvinkiv, near Izyum, saw 40,000 people leave,” the message reads.

“We urge (people) to heed our advice and evacuate.”

Synehubov added that security around Kramatorsk railway station had been tightened following the recent devastating Russian missile strike. Russian troops continue to block the evacuation of civilians from Izyum.

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“We have several times tried to establish humanitarian corridors from Izyum and surrounding settlements that are currently under temporary occupation,” Synehubov said.

“Unfortunately, the Russians kept refusing.”

On April 16, Russian troops, in tandem with local collaborators, forcibly deported over 50 people from Izyum.

Despite incessant propaganda and misinformation efforts by the occupying forces in the city, most residents refuse to leave Izyum.

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