Another batch of military aid from Germany arrives in Ukraine

24 March, 05:05 PM
German engineering machine Dachs (Photo:Bundeswehr)

German engineering machine Dachs (Photo:Bundeswehr)

Another batch of military aid from Germany, which, among other things, includes Dachs armoured engineering vehicles, arrived in Ukraine this week, the Federal Government’s press service reported on March 24.

In total, the delivered military support to Ukraine includes (changes compared to the previous week in bold):

·         three Dachs armoured engineer vehicles;

·         100 MG3 machine guns for Leopard 2 battle tanks, Marder infantry fighting vehicles and Dachs armoured engineering vehicles (before: 30);

Video of day

·         spare parts for Leopard 2 tanks and Marder IFVs;

·         90 drone detection systems (before: 60).

As noted, the total value of individual licenses issued by the Federal Government for the export of military goods in the period from Jan. 1, 2022 to March 20, 2023 amounts to EUR 2.7 billion.

On March 23, the European Council welcomed the agreement in the Council to urgently deliver ground-to-ground and artillery ammunition to Ukraine and, if requested, missiles.

Earlier on March 16, Germany announced it had provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with ammunition for MARS II multiple rocket launchers and was planning to send Iris-T SLM missiles to Ukraine.

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