Associated Press publishes a video taken by a Ukrainian medic captured in Mariupol

20 May, 03:12 PM
Yuliia Paievska (Tyra) (Photo:Julia Po/Facebook)

Yuliia Paievska (Tyra) (Photo:Julia Po/Facebook)

The U.S. Associated Press news agency has published a video, taken by Ukrainian paramedic nom-de-guerre “Tyra” (Yuliia Paievska), on May 19, during her time in Mariupol prior to her capture.

The video was taken in early March, and shows Tyra helping out Ukrainian defenders and documenting the damage done by the invading forces to the city.

There is also footage of Russian soldiers being captured. When asked by passerbyes whether Tyra will treat their wounds, she replies in the affirmative.

Видео дня

On March 16, the invaders captured Tyra, who is a well-known volunteer and paramedic who had been saving the lives of soldiers and civilians in Donbas for eight years.

In her civilian life, she is an aikido trainer and designer, but was working as a paramedic since the start of the war, forming her own evacuation team, called Tyra’s Angels. According to the ArmyInform media outlet, as of 2019 alone, she rescued more than 500 Ukrainian soldiers.

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