Azov Regiment destroys enemy military hardware, takes Russian soldiers as hostages in Mariupol

13 March 2022, 07:38 PM

The soldiers of the Azov Regiment have destroyed several pieces of Russian military hardware after a battle for the port city of Mariupol, the regiment's press service reported on its Telegram messenger channel on March 13.

"As a result of today's battle, the Azov Regiment's tank squad commander on his tank destroyed three enemy T-72 tanks and one Tiger tank," reads the report.

"In total, the Azov fighters have destroyed six tanks, as well as two armored personnel carriers, one Tiger tank, and enemy infantry."

The military added that 12 invaders had been taken hostage.

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"Fierce fighting continues in Mariupol. The defenders of the city are bravely fighting against superior enemy forces," the press service said.

"The Azov fighters continue to defend the city residents from the horde. The fighters have an unbroken spirit, because we understand that the enemy is ready to leave only ruins instead of the previously beautiful city. The struggle for the life of a half-million city is underway."

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