Azov shows critical situation in Mariupol, city under constant shelling by Russian troops (PHOTOS)

9 March 2022, 07:39 PM

March 9 marks the 14th day of the defense of Mariupol from Russian invaders. The strategic Donbas city has been completely encircled since March 1.  

Russian troops are relentlessly destroying both the city and its inhabitants with artillery and air strikes, the Azov Regiment writes on Twitter. Because of the shelling, the city has been deprived of electricity, water, gas, and communications.

Photo: Azov/Twitter
Photo: Photo: Azov/Twitter

The occupiers prevent humanitarian convoys from entering Mariupol, and civilians are not allowed out of the city along a "green corridor." Mariupol is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. People are collecting rainwater to drink, cook food on open fires in the street, and bury their dead neighbors’ bodies right in the yards of houses.

Video of day

Building in Mariupol destroyed by Russian invaders (Фото: Azov/Twitter)
Building in Mariupol destroyed by Russian invaders / Photo: Azov/Twitter

Those that can’t be buried lie on the streets of the city until utility services take them away and bury them in mass graves. An enormous number of houses have been destroyed, and people are taking refuge in bomb shelters and religious buildings – but the enemy is shelling those too.

Photo: Azov

Azov Battalion notes that if Ukrainian troops cannot break the siege of the city in the near future, famine will begin in Mariupol, and a genocide of Ukrainians by the Russians will occur.

Photo: Azov
Photo: Azov

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