Bakhmut ‘has reputation as most bloody, cruel and brutal part of front’

3 December 2022, 06:33 PM
Ukrainian military (Photo:СтратКом ЗСУ/Telegram)

Ukrainian military (Photo:СтратКом ЗСУ/Telegram)

Bakhmut has been one of the hottest places at the frontline for a while, and Ukrainian troops are causing the invaders significant losses despite the difficult conditions, spokesman Ukraine's Eastern Command Serhiy Cherevatyi has said.

Speaking on Ukrainian broadcaster 24 Channel on Dec. 3, Cherevatyi said the battle for Bakhmut could be a key point in the war.

"The Bakhmut sector is the most bloody, cruel and brutal sector (of the front) in the Russian-Ukrainian war so far,” he said.

“It definitely could become a pivotal point in this war. The enemy continues to assault different settlements every day, including Bakhmut, Soledar, Klishchiivka and others.”

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Cherevatyi also said the invaders are shelling non-stop. The enemy conducted 261 attacks with artillery of various calibers in the past 24 hours alone.

"Despite its efforts, the enemy is suffering significant losses,” Cherevatyi  said. “I think they have the highest numbers of losses in this very direction. There 81 killed and 68 injured Russian troops just in the past day.”

According to him, the enemy is suffering great losses on the eastern front line without achieving any of its goals.

"So, the enemy fights for Bakhmut to politically demonstrate the results of the so-called "liberation of Donbas" to justify "the deaths of Russian soldiers."

"That's because Bakhmut is one of the points they want to come in. Even foreign experts think so. We constantly repel their offensive activities, eliminating military personnel and equipment on large scales. Generally speaking, the enemy is getting exhausted by all this fighting.”

It was reported earlier Russia was likely to encircle Bakhmut city in Donetsk Oblast, moving to north and to south. The enemy is said to consider the city as "a symbolic target.”

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