Ballistic missiles may have been launched at Kyiv, from the north, Air Force says

14 January, 01:36 PM
Yuriy Ignat (Photo:Скриншот телемарафону на Телеканалі Рада/YouTube)

Yuriy Ignat (Photo:Скриншот телемарафону на Телеканалі Рада/YouTube)

Russia attacked Kyiv with missiles flying from the north along a ballistic trajectory, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said in a comment to outlet Ukrayinska Pravda and Channel 24 on Jan. 14.

According to him, experts will study the wreckage to find out what type of missiles the Russian military used: either ballistic or anti-aircraft S-300 air defense system missiles flying on a ballistic trajectory.

"Most likely, these are missiles that flew on a ballistic trajectory," Ihnat said.

“From the northern direction. It’s not possible for us to detect and shoot down ballistic (targets).”

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Although Ihnat did not explicitly name the country, Belarus lies to the north of the Ukrainian capital.

The missile threat was reported late due to the lack of radar data and information from other sources, the Air Force spokesman explained. He said that the Ukrainian military does not have effective means to detect and destroy ballistic missiles.

He also confirmed that a group of Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers was in the air. It is unknown whether they will launch missiles. They are being tracked, Ihnat said.

Russia more usually attacks the Ukrainian capital with cruise missiles and Iranian-made Shahed flying bomb drones. Both can be intercepted and shot down using several air defense systems Ukraine has, as well as by warplanes, since they are both relatively slow-moving compared to ballistic missiles.

Earlier, Kyiv authorities reported a Russian attack on the capital. According to early reports of the Kyiv City Military Administration, an infrastructure facility was hit in the attack. Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko reported explosions in the Dniprovskyi district, and later said that in the Holosiyivskyi district missile fragments fell on a non-residential area, causing a fire, which was later extinguished.

This was the second series of explosions heard in Kyiv so far on Jan. 14. Residents of the capital and the region also heard blasts at around 6.30 a.m. Later, the head of the Kyiv Oblast State Administration Oleksiy Kuleba said that the cause was a fire at a critical infrastructure facility.

After that, the President’s Office reported a morning attack on residential buildings in the village of Kopyliv, Buchanskyi district, about 40 kilometers to the west of the Ukrainian capital. As a result of the morning attack on Kyiv Oblast, 18 private houses were damaged.

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