Banksy graffiti found on ruined buildings across Kyiv and surrounding areas

12 November 2022, 05:49 PM
Banksy painted a gymnast on a ruined house in Borodyanka (Photo:banksy / Instagram)

Banksy painted a gymnast on a ruined house in Borodyanka (Photo:banksy / Instagram)

World-famous graffiti artist Banksy posted a photo of his artwork on a ruined building in the town of Borodyanka near Kyiv, and more works in his signature style have been discovered around the capital and surrounding areas.

We collected some photos of work, likely authored by Banksy, which appeared in Kyiv and the oblast. This caused rumors that he had visited Ukraine.

The graffiti on the ruins of a building in Borodyanka shows a gymnast doing a handstand. Banksy posted a photo of this work on his Instagram, captioned “Borodyanka, Ukraine.”

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Another graffito, which has not been officially claimed, shows a man who looks like Vladimir Putin being defeated by a small boy with a judo throw. The artwork was also spotted on a damaged building in Borodyanka.

A third piece, also believed to be authored by Banksy, shows a gymnast wearing a headband performing with a ribbon over a hole in the wall of a building in Irpen.

The fourth work, which is also in Banksy’s signature style, depicts two children sitting on an anti-tank blockade as if on a swing. The work is painted on a concrete defensive block in Kyiv.

Another graffito in the style of Banksy was seen in the village of Horenka, in Bucha district, which was also badly affected by the Russian occupation. An image of a man with a long beard taking a bath appeared on the wall of a destroyed apartment building.

Ukrainian photographer Sasha Maslov found another graffito in Hostomel. He tagged Banksy in his post of it on Instagram.

An image of a man in a robe with a gas mask on his face and a fire extinguisher in his hands appeared on the wall of the burned-out building.

Banksy is one of the most famous graffiti artists in the world, while remaining anonymous.

He became famous for his stencil designs in Bristol in the early 1990s. Over time, examples of his work have appeared all over the world, including Paris and New York.

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