Belarus attempts to accuse Ukraine of "provocation"

30 December 2022, 05:19 PM
Уламки ракети в Білорусі (Photo:via Білоруський Гаюн / Telegram)

Уламки ракети в Білорусі (Photo:via Білоруський Гаюн / Telegram)

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus insists that the fall of a missile on Belarusian territory on Dec. 29 may be a "deliberate act of provocation" by the Ukrainian military, Kirill Kazantsev, head of the Belarusian anti-aircraft missile forces, said on Belarusian Defense Ministry’s Telegram channel on Dec. 30.

He noted that the missile had allegedly come from Ukrainian territory.

"There are still questions regarding this incident, and we are considering two theories: either an unintended launch of an anti-aircraft guided missile by a poorly trained crew or a malfunction of the missile, or it is a deliberate act of provocation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Kazantsev said.

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The regime of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko announced that the Belarusian air defense had allegedly shot down a Ukrainian S-300 missile on Dec. 29. According to that country's Defense Ministry, fragments of the projectile were found in an agricultural field. Ihor Kyzym, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Belarus, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that they are ready to conduct an objective investigation after these statements.

Before the fall of the missile in Belarus, Russia had carried out another massive attack on Ukraine. Attacks on critical infrastructure facilities caused power supply disruptions in a number of Ukrainian regions.

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