Belarus has shipped nearly 30 ammunition carriages to Russia since October, says General Staff

6 October 2022, 05:42 PM
Belarus supports Russia in the war against Ukraine (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Belarus/Telegram)

Belarus supports Russia in the war against Ukraine (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Belarus/Telegram)

Since the beginning of October, Belarus has sent almost 30 train carriage of ammunition to Russian troops in Ukraine for Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Gromov announced at a briefing on Oct. 6. The carriages have mostly been to the Donetsk and Kherson directions, he added.

"In general, since the beginning of the full-scale aggression, 26 echelons with a total number of almost 250 carriages and a weight of more than 10,000 tons have been sent from the territory of Belarus," Gromov said.

“In Belarus, along with the Russian occupiers, the selection and further movement of car tires, assemblies, aggregates and other spare parts for the armored vehicles of the Russian army is carried out for the needs of the enemy.”

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At the beginning of September, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko declared that he fully supports the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, but will allegedly participate in warfare only in the case of an attack on Belarus.

On Oct. 4, he however admitted that Minsk is now participating in the war against Ukraine. This participation, according to the dictator, is supposedly based on "preventing the spread of this conflict to the territory of Belarus."

Russia is continuing to station its army in Belarusian territory, and uses the country as a launchpad for missiles strikes on Ukraine.

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