Belarusian factories producing military equipment for Russian military, reports Belarusian Hajun

22 January, 06:42 PM

"Dragon teeth" (Photo:Беларускі Гаюн/Telegram)

The Gomel iron and steel plant in Belarus has been producing “dragon teeth” tank traps for more than a month and sending them to the Russian Federation, the Belarusian Hajun monitoring group reported on Telegram on Jan. 22.

According to preliminary information, this is not the only Belarusian enterprise that produces anti-tank fortifications for the Russian armed forces.

Over the last month, local residents noticed the transportation of concrete structures in the form of pyramids which are known as “dragon teeth”, reported another Belarusian Telegram channel Flagshtok on Jan. 21.

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They are transported by trucks, most often of the KamAZ brand, with license plates of both the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. On average, 15-20 “teeth” are seen in one truck.

“Transportation of concrete obstacles may indicate the creation of a line of defense in Gomel Oblast or Russia’s Bryansk Oblast,” the report says.

Russian troops are known to have been installing such fortifications in occupied Crimea, Mariupol and Melitopol, as well as in Belgorod Oblast of the Russian Federation.

As the representatives of the monitoring group noted, these are the same type of tank traps used by the Wagner Group during the building of its so-called Wagner line in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

On Dec. 23, the U.S. Institute for the Study of War reported that the Russian Federation has been creating conditions for a new invasion of northern Ukraine since October. However, there is still no evidence of active preparation of the strike forces in Belarus for an offensive.

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