Biden announces $500 million in additional aid during surprise trip to Kyiv

20 February, 01:30 PM
Biden arrived in Kyiv on an unannounced visit (Photo:ОП)

Biden arrived in Kyiv on an unannounced visit (Photo:ОП)

U.S. President Joe Biden announced a $500 million in additional assistance to Ukraine during a surprise visit to Kyiv on Feb. 20, U.S. television channel CNN reported.

Biden, in joint remarks alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said the package would include more military equipment, including artillery ammunition, more javelins and howitzers.

In remarks, Biden also spoke about the resilience of the Ukrainian resistance as the war enters its second year.

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“One year later, Kyiv stands, CNN quoted Biden as saying.

“And Ukraine stands. Democracy stands.”

On his Twitter account, the U.S. president noted that he had arrived in Kyiv “to reaffirm unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”

“When Putin launched his invasion nearly one year ago, he thought Ukraine was weak and the West was divided,” Biden tweeted.

“He thought he could outlast us. But he was dead wrong. Over the last year, the United States has built a coalition of nations from the Atlantic to the Pacific to help defend Ukraine with unprecedented military, economic, and humanitarian support — and that support will endure.”

U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in Kyiv on Feb. 20 for an unannounced visit, for the first time since the beginning Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Officially, he is expected to be in Poland for a three-day visit ahead of the Feb. 24 anniversary of the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine.

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