Biden says US wants Russia's war to end on just terms, reaffirms solidarity with Ukraine at UN General Assembly

21 September, 03:07 PM
The US President Joe Biden speaks at the UN (Photo:REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

The US President Joe Biden speaks at the UN (Photo:REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

New York, United Nations – As many world leaders gather in New York for the United Nations General Assembly High-Level week, more and more of them talk about Ukraine and how Russia’s invasion has affected everybody, causing a lack of food and a hike in energy prices.

While most of the leaders call to solve the Russian war against Ukraine through dialogue, U.S. President Joe Biden has demonstrated he wants justice to be served.

“Like you, the United States wants this war to end on just terms, on terms we all signed up for: that you cannot seize a nation’s territory by force.  The only country standing in the way of that is Russia,” Biden said during his speech before the General Assembly in the United Nations on Sept. 21.

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He also called all permanent member states of the security council to refrain from vetoing rights unless very necessary and said Russia must be held accountable for its war crimes in Ukraine.

“Let us speak plainly.  A permanent member of the United Nations Security Council invaded its neighbor, attempted to erase a sovereign state from the map,” Biden said.

“Russia has shamelessly violated the core tenets of the United Nations Charter — no more important than the clear prohibition against countries taking the territory of their neighbor by force.”

Biden also mentioned Putin’s recent nuclear threats against Europe and his reckless disregard for the responsibilities of the non-proliferation regime. 

“Now Russia is calling — calling up more soldiers to join the fight.  And the Kremlin is organizing sham referenda to try to annex parts of Ukraine, an extremely significant violation of the U.N. Charter.”

Biden once again said the world should see these outrageous acts for what they are. 

“Putin claims he had to act because Russia was threatened.  But no one threatened Russia, and no one other than Russia sought conflict,” Biden said.

US President has also underlined that NATO expansion was never a true reason for the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s own words make his true purpose unmistakable, Biden said.

 “Just before he invaded, Putin asserted — and I quote — Ukraine was “created by Russia” and never had, quote, “real statehood,” he added.

Biden also mentioned recently discovered mass graves in Izyum, the liberated city of Kharkiv Oblast, where more than 400 graves were found, some having several bodies of civilians in one grave.

“In the past, even more, horrifying evidence of Russia’s atrocity and war crimes: mass graves uncovered in Izyum; bodies, according to those that excavated those bodies, showing signs of torture,” the US president said.

POTUS said Russia’s war is about extinguishing Ukraine’s right to exist as a state. Therefore, the world must stand with the nation, defending itself from the unprovoked aggression, and keep helping Ukraine to resist.

“Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you believe, that should not — that should make your blood run cold,” Biden claimed.

According to him, the United States has marshaled massive levels of security assistance and humanitarian aid, and direct economic support for Ukraine — more than $25 billion to date.  And the US is not alone. As of today, more than 40 countries represented here have contributed billions of their own money and equipment to help Ukraine defend itself. 

“Ukraine has the same rights that belong to every sovereign nation.  We will stand in solidarity with Ukraine.  We will stand in solidarity against Russia’s aggression.  Period,” Biden said.

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