Boryspil mayor urges residents to leave city due to possible hostilities

22 March 2022, 12:38 PM

The residents of the Ukrainian city of Boryspil, close to the capital city Kyiv, should leave the city if possible because of possible fighting in the area, Boryspil Mayor Volodymyr Borysenko said in a video address posted on Facebook on March 21.

"I appeal to the civilian population to be smart and contact our call center and, if possible, leave the city," he said.

"Those who do not have the opportunity – we will take you out, those who have – you can leave in columns with your own cars."

Borysenko said that it would be easier for the Ukrainian military to protect the city if there were fewer civilians there.

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"As practice shows in places where the fighting is underway, the fewer civilians remain in the city, the easier it is for the Armed Forces to work," the mayor said.

"So let's do the following. There is no need to remain in the city now. Fighting is already ongoing around the city."

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