Gold dentures found in Kharkiv Oblast may have been stolen by Russian military from local dentist

6 October 2022, 04:15 PM
Occupants could steal dental crowns from a local dentist (Photo:@serhii_bolvinov/Twitter)

Occupants could steal dental crowns from a local dentist (Photo:@serhii_bolvinov/Twitter)

A box of dentures found in a torture chamber in the liberated village of Pisky-Radkivski in Kharkiv Oblast may have been stolen from a local dentist, German newspaper Bild wrote on Oct. 6.

The reporters met with the dentist and showed him a photo of the box, which was widely shared across social media as evidence of Russia’s torture tactics.

“The teeth look like those stolen from my office,” the dentist, identified as Serhiy, explained.

“My house was burglarized. They used to belong to people I have treated all these years. I removed these teeth because they were bad.”

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The doctor suggested that the invaders had stolen the teeth because they assumed they were made of gold, when in fact they were stainless steel.

"The locals told me that the Russians probably used them to intimidate people," Serhii said.

Law enforcement in Kharkiv Oblast discovered the torture chamber while examining the liberated village, the head of investigations for Kharkiv Oblast police, Serhiy Bolvinov, wrote on Facebook on Oct. 4.

The chamber was discovered thanks to a tip from local residents, who directed law enforcement to the basement of a local residence where Russian occupation forces were holding kidnapped civilians, Ukrainian military veterans, and prisoners-of-war, Bolvinov said.

“Neighbors constantly heard screams from there,” he wrote.

“At the moment, the police definitely know about the tortures like burying someone alive and then digging them out, and using a gas mask with a smoldering rag. Another objects that were found in the torture room include a dildo, a box with torn dentures, wires with ropes, and a letter containing an interrogation transcript of one of the men who was held there.”

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