Bucha shuts the door on dialogue with Russia, Zelensky says

15 April, 08:06 PM
Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo:Office of the President of Ukraine)

Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo:Office of the President of Ukraine)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the atrocities of the Russian invaders in Mariupol, Bucha and Borodyanka have severely reduced the possibility of peace negotiations with Russia, during an interview with the BBC on April 14.

Zelensky recalled that after visiting Bucha, he experienced a churn of emotions, and felt nothing but hatred for the Russian military. He stressed that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the entire Russian military, from the top, are war criminals, and Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine.

"Bucha is in the process of closing (the possibilities of peace talks)," President Zelensky said. "It's not about me - it's about Russia. They will not have many more chances to speak with us.”

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He recalled that tens of thousands of people may have died in Mariupol due to the actions of the Russian invaders. Ukraine evacuated many people, but also many were forcibly abducted to the occupied territories, and then to Russia:

“We know that their documents were changed, some were given Russian passports,” Zelensky explained.

“They are brought into the Russian rural areas. Some go to camps, some to other places. No one knows what happened to these people. No one. Not even the Red Cross, no one gives us this information...”.

Earlier, Zelensky stressed that Ukraine would demand punishment for Russia for crimes committed against peaceful Ukrainians and recognize these acts as genocide, but would not abandon the negotiation process with Russia.

On Apr. 12, the Head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, Oleksandr Pavlyuk, said that Russian invaders murdered more than 400 of Bucha’s residents. Ukrainian law enforcement officers have already confirmed the death of 1,222 citizens, killed as a result of the Russian invasion.

After the invaders fled Kyiv Oblast, the world saw the results of their atroci-ties. The bodies of tortured and killed by Russian civilians were found in Bucha, Irpin and along the Zhytomyr highway.

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