Bundestag MP asks Scholz to give Ukraine Germany’s old PAC-2 version of Patriot air defense system

22 December 2022, 05:15 PM
ЗРК Patriot (Photo:US Army)

ЗРК Patriot (Photo:US Army)

Germany should give Ukraine its old PAC-2 versions of the Patriot air defense system, Marcus Faber, defense policy representative of the ruling Free Democratic Party of Germany, has said in a message to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Faber made the suggestion in a Twitter post on Dec. 22, explaining that Germany will replace this old version of the missile system with new systems in the coming years.

Meanwhile, Ukraine needs such weapons now, he said.

"Zeitenwende means to help, also with PAC-2,” Faber wrote.

“In the coming years, our old PAC-2 will have to be replaced with PAC-2 GEM-T and PAC-3. In Ukraine, before the end of their service life, they can still contribute to air defense against cruise missiles and drones.”

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Faber added that even such an "outdated" version of the Patriot systems "can still provide real help against Putin's terror in Ukraine before it is decommissioned."

"Either the democracies of the world defeat Putin's war of aggression together, or they will it lose alone,” the German MP said.

“Help is coming from Estonia and Australia. The aid from Germany should be of the size proportionate to the size of the fourth largest economy in the world.”

The PAC-2 modification was first tested in 1987. The probability of hitting an aircraft with a missile of such a SAM is 80-90%, and tactical missile at 30-40% with one missile without obstacles. The altitude of engagement for ballistic targets is up to 11 kilometers, and the range radius is 20 kilometers.

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