Butusov says Russian claims that Ukraine’s Delta military information network was hacked are false

1 November 2022, 07:04 PM
Yuriy Butusov (Photo:www.facebook.com/butusov.yuriy)

Yuriy Butusov (Photo:www.facebook.com/butusov.yuriy)

Pro-Russian media are falsely claiming that the Ukrainian military information system for decision support and situational awareness, known as Delta, has been hacked, Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov said in a post on Facebook on Nov. 1.

“This is a story that shows Ukraine’s significant advantage in information technology over the Russian Armed Forces, and the importance of information security compliance by military and civil servants during wartime,” Butusov wrote.

Delta structures all information about the enemy and is a unique weapon of Ukraine, said Butusov, adding that the Russians do not have any such information systems themselves.

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The Russian secret services are constantly trying to break into the phones and computers of the defense forces of Ukraine, Butusov said.

“In August, they succeeded twice. Back then, the technology was primitive, phishing through mailboxes and social networks, that is, sending links, that if opened activated a virus that exposed the user’s passwords.”

“Many users are connected to Delta, all of them are adults with titles and positions, but among them there were two who opened a virus program and planted a Russian virus on their device,” Butusov said.

“This allowed the Russians to enter the network. The Delta breach did not occur because the enemy obtained the passwords, and Delta’s security anticipated such threats. Therefore, each user has his own limited level of access and a certain layer of data that he can see, and because of this, the Russians were able to see only a small amount of information related to the Russian troops.”

The unauthorized access was quickly detected, the enemy was able to watch one of the fragments of the system for 13 minutes, which reflected the location of Russian troops in southern Ukraine, after which access was stopped.

“The enemy got an understanding of what Delta is, but the data received has already lost its relevance. Both users who handed over their passwords have been identified and counterintelligence is working with them,” Butusov wrote.

Delta maintains maximum security, and the successful offensive operations of the Armed Forces in September-October, during which Delta was used as widely as possible and no information was leaked, is evidence of this, Butusov said.

“Delta is expanding its work, there have been already more than 40 releases of the system during the war, and the credit for this goes to the Air Intelligence team, who created Delta and supported it for several years with their own enthusiasm, as well as volunteer funds, and also the powerful team that makes Delta so perfect now,” he wrote.

According to Butusov, this system is, without a doubt, one of the best in the world, as the best Ukrainian IT technicians are perfecting it using the best modern technologies.

“Delta’s security has become even stronger. Why did the Russians go for an information attack now? Because attempts to find new ways of penetrating our system failed. And on Oct. 26, Delta was presented to NATO at a special Tide Spirit event, receiving the highest rating from specialists who assessed the uniqueness of the system, its security and efficiency,” Butusov said.

This is why the Russians are conducting such a campaign to discredit our successful technology, trying to limit user confidence and emphasize that the primitive Russian paper maps which they use to command their troops are supposed to protect data, he added.

“Only, in fact, it’s an intellectual and technological limitation. Ukraine continues to strengthen its advantages in information technologies over the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,” the journalist wrote.

Previously, Russian propagandists claimed that “hackers” from the terrorist organization “DPR” had “hacked the Delta system” used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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