Canada to transfer four Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine

26 January, 10:43 PM
Leopard 2 (Photo:REUTERS/Radovan Stoklasa)

Leopard 2 (Photo:REUTERS/Radovan Stoklasa)

Canada will provide Ukraine with four German-made Leopard-2 main battle tanks “in the coming weeks,” Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said during a press briefing on Jan. 26.

Anand stressed that the Canadian government was responding to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy specifically underscoring Kyiv’s need for modern Western heavy tanks. According to her, the tanks will ensure the Ukrainian troops hold a tactical advantage on the battlefield, and will enable them to liberate for of Ukraine’s territory.

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The minister concluded by saying that the supply of tanks to Kyiv could increase in the future, but that decision would have to be taken in coordination with Canada’s allies. The Canadian military will assist in training the Armed Forces of Ukraine in operating Western military equipment.

On Jan. 25, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced Germany will deliver 14 Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine and allow other countries to do the same. German newspaper Der Spiegel reported Ukraine could be getting a total of 80 Leopard tanks from Berlin and its allies.

The United States and the UK previously announced plans to provide Ukraine with 31 M1 Abrams and 14 Challenger-2 tanks, respectively.

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