Canadian parliament recognizes Russia’s acts of genocide against Ukrainians

28 April, 02:23 PM
Bucha after liberation from the russian occupiers (Photo:REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra)

Bucha after liberation from the russian occupiers (Photo:REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra)

Canada’s House of Commons voted to recognize Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide, Reuters reported on April 28.

The Canadian parliament resolution states that there is sufficient evidence that systemic Russian war crimes, mass killings, and crimes against humanity, were perpetrated by Russian troops against Ukrainians on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian parliament.

Canada’s House of Commons said that Russian war crimes include “mass atrocities, systematic instances of willful killing of Ukrainian civilians, the desecration of corpses, forcible transfer of Ukrainian children, torture, physical harm, mental harm, and rape.”

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Earlier, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau agreed with U.S. President Joe Biden that Russia was engaged in genocide of the Ukrainian people.

On April 14, Ukraine’s parliament recognized Russia’s actions in the war against Ukraine as genocide, accusing Russian troops and the Kremlin’s military and political leadership of being responsible.

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