Kadyrov reconsiders resigning as governor of Chechnya

6 September, 06:12 PM
Kremlin puppet Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo:Kadyrov95/Telegram)

Kremlin puppet Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo:Kadyrov95/Telegram)

Days after saying he’s looking to resign as governor of Russia’s Chechnya,Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov said he will remain in his post, in a Telegram post on Sept. 6.

According to him, he decided to keep ruling Chechnya after learning that some Russian officials have been in charge of their regions for over 25 years. Kadyrov said he intends to “beat their record,” after having already spent 15 years as governor.

“The record, as it turns out, is 27 years,” said Kadyrov.

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“I decided to break it. We’ll see, maybe I’ll manage to do it.”

Kadyrov ruled out even a short vacation, saying “it’s not the right time.”

“As I said earlier, in this era of accountability, when our country is fighting for Donbas, neither regional authorities nor service members should be taking a vacation,” he added.

Kadyrov has previously said he had spent “enough time” as Chechnya’s governor on Sept. 3.

Media reports then speculated he might be tapped to become the new head of Russia’s national guard, instead.

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