Children from occupied Donbas may be taken to Russia’s Karelia — National Resistance Center

5 February, 06:31 PM
Evacuation of children from Bakhmut (Photo:National Police of Ukraine)

Evacuation of children from Bakhmut (Photo:National Police of Ukraine)

A Russian official has visited the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast and offered "rest" and "rehabilitation" for local children at "beautiful resorts" in Russia’s arctic regions, a Ukrainian government civil defense organization said on Feb. 4.

The Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Russian Republic of Karelia, Elisan Shandalovich, made the proposal during a meeting with the head of the so-called "people's council" in the Russian-occupied part of Luhansk Oblast, Denis Miroshnichenko, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center said.

"Considering how Russians ‘rest’ in the polar latitudes, this does not contribute to recovery at all," the center’s statement said.

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The center stressed that the frequent trips of leaders of various regions of Russia with the intention of "bargaining" for a certain number of children under the veiled pretext of "rehabilitation," "recreation" and "cultural exchange" have, on the one hand, a purely practical purpose — writing off budget funds for these activities.

However, there is increasing evidence of the abduction of minors during such trips by criminal elements involved in human trafficking.

Earlier, NV reported that Russians took 50 high school students from the temporarily occupied Lysychansk in Luhansk Oblast to Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan to sit their final exams.

Forcibly transferring children of one group to another group is one of five acts defined as genocide under the United Nations Genocide Convention of 1948.

Russia is a party to the convention.

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