China continues to supply Russia with non-lethal military goods, US believes

19 February, 12:39 PM
China secretly continues to support Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Florence Lo)

China secretly continues to support Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Florence Lo)

The United States believes China is covertly providing non-lethal military assistance to Russia, such as uniforms and body armor, the U.S. television’s NBC News reported on Feb. 18.

And the White House is concerned China could move up to sending lethal aid to Russia, as well, four sources familiar with the matter told NBC.

“We have been clear about our concerns about lethal aid,” one informed source said. “We have not yet seen them cross that line, but we don’t think they have taken it off the table.”

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China's support of Russia was the main topic of the discussion between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and China’s top diplomat Wang Yi when they met after the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Feb. 18. NBC said.

U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal has also reported that China covertly supplies Russia with Chinese-made DJI drones via an intermediary company in the United Arab Emirates.

The journal stressed that sanctions are proving infective, as the shipment was paid for via the sanctioned Russian bank Sberbank.

Earlier, while speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Wang, Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, promised to introduce at the end of February a settlement plan for Ukraine and Russia.

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