Li Hui’s visit to Zelenskyy: Beijing aims to show “de-escalation” dependence on China, says Klimkin

17 May, 12:55 PM
Chinese diplomat Li Hui (Photo:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China)

Chinese diplomat Li Hui (Photo:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China)

Top Chinese diplomat Li Hui has been dispatched to Europe to show that China is a real player in international relations, former Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pavlo Klimkin, told Radio NV on May 17.

Klimkin characterized Hui’s recent visit to Kyiv as a strategic move in “their own game”.

“The Chinese aim to demonstrate that without their involvement, any progress to-wards de-escalation is impossible,” explained Klimkin.

“Furthermore, they seek to exhibit the willingness of all parties, including ourselves, the West, and Russia, to engage with China; no other sides in the world possess such readiness.”

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Klimkin further noted that China’s primary focus will be on probing positions and listening, rather than explicitly stating their own stance. This approach allows China to establish a network of personal connections for future utilization.

“Currently, there is no opportune moment for meaningful negotiations due to the absence of defined prerequisites,” said Klimkin.

“The Chinese are aware of this, but they firmly believe that the necessary conditions will arise at some future juncture, ultimately justifying their efforts.”

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