Chronically ill surgeon mobilized in Russia’s Sverdlovsk

25 September 2022, 03:52 PM

"Partial" mobilization in Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov)

Russian military commissars in Azbest, Sverdlovsk Oblast, mobilized a 59-year-old hearing-impaired and partially blind surgeon suffering from skin cancer, independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported on Sept. 25.

According to his daughter, the lieutenant (reserve) was served a mobilization notice at work on Sept. 22, ordering him to report to the commissar’s office next morning.

“He reported in the morning, expecting the medical exam to exempt him, as he suffers from skin cancer, kidney stones, is blind in one eye…, and is hard of hearing,” the surgeon’s daughter told Novaya Gazeta.

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“There was no medical exam. The hospital staff (at his workplace) did not object; everyone is following orders from above.”

He was then sent to military training grounds in Volgograd Oblast, where he was made a squad commander.

His daughter said his squad is scheduled to deploy to occupied Ukrainian territories in two weeks.

“(My) dad is in shock; he was told to replace his phone with an old model, with physical buttons,” she added.

Putin declared “partial” mobilization in Russia on Sept. 21, ostensibly planning to call-up 300,000 men to the Russian army.

Several Russian media later reported that up to 1.2 million men are going to get mobilized, with ethnic minorities across Russia bearing the brunt of the call-up.

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